The equipment is prepared in the workshop before dispatching. Pre-installation of the operating system and various programs oin our premises. Custom installation at the user’s premises with some training.

The manufacturers entrust us with a model of each of the products they market. We stock it, maintain it, clean it, then, at the request of the salesmen, we proceed to the installation of one or more machines at our potential customers’ premises for testing over a few weeks. After this period, we recover the material by appointment, put it back in condition and test it before reintegrating it in our stock for a future demo.

Recycling also involves the circular economy. To give them a second life, we strive to sell the old salvaged appliances, offer them to schools or send them abroad.

On request, we carry the transport of computer equipment for our customers: with ad-hoc packaging, specialized protections in vehicles, carefully loading and unloading the equipment according to each type by professionals.

Placement of bright screens in stores and public premises, fixed to the wall for adverts broadcast via the internet.

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