Do you sell or manage?

You manage machines for the departments of your company or for external customers. Whether computers and peripherals, security installations, payment terminals, cash registers, or telephone equipment, users cannot perform their tasks without these devices.

To avoid potential problems, you wish to provide at a reasonable cost a maintenance service that guarantees a quick response (the same day or the next day). If a few years ago such service was a luxury, today it has become indispensable.

Our aim: to provide a service adapted to your needs!

You entrust us with precise missions previously defined in a detailed document (Service Level Agreement). We work with your customers / users on your behalf. And, thanks to our logistics and IT organization, we organize the delivery rounds optimally.

Our regional dispatch centres and our local teams of technicians allow us to intervene, within short deadlines (2h, 4h, 8h, 24h, etc.) that you define, in an efficient and economical way. We operate on all Belgian and Luxembourg territories 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Our teams receive specific training for each type of intervention, thus ensuring the quality and efficiency of our service. If necessary, this training can be organized by your own services. Indeed, our organization adapts to your needs and not the opposite.

Install – Move – Add – Change – Dispose

Our multi-specialized teams of technicians are at your service; IT, system engineers, transport and moving:

Installation of new equipments

Moving equipments

– Updating hardware/software and maintenance

Replacing partst or modular swap

Recycling of equipment and waste treatment

We put at your disposal teams of technicians, dispatched throughout the country, to carry out missions defined together in advance.

IMACD Services (Installation – Moving – Hardware and Software Update – Replacement – Recycling)

Brokerage (Purchase of equipment – circular economy)

Demo service (Providing demonstration material)

Staging (Preparatory phase prior to deployment)

Transport (Safe transport of machinery and equipment)

Advertising dynamic screen (Installing dynamic advertising displays)

Why Techswap?

– To reduce your costs

– To optimize your skills with high added value

– To outsource your costs

– To allow you to focus on your core business

The quality of our services is why we exist!

The constant improvement of our tools and systems is crucial to us to be able to adapt to the evolution of your business and your market. We want transparency and to exchange ideas with our customers because the joint analysis of potential improvements is a source of additional skills and quality.

When you need a complementary or new service, we find out with you if the necessary skills are available or can be acquired. We analyze costs and potential savings in a spirit of partnership.

At Techswap, whether we are managers or technicians, we all believe in simple solutions, tailored to the real and practical needs of our customers. Offering the best customer service is our priority. It is our strength because we rely on our know-how and experience to nurture long-term relationships.

Recycling and circular economy

Recycling today has become a necessity, not only for individuals but also for companies. In many sectors, there is now a strong need to reduce carbon emissions, unnecessary use of plastic packaging, or recycled paper food products. But what about the computer world, which is constantly changing and regularly needs to be replaced by new equipment?

At Techswap, we work upstream of recycling, thanks to our fully computerized management system that significantly reduces the use of paper. As a result, we recover all the packaging of what we install and sort it by type of raw material. (plastic, carton, cd, expanded polystyrene, etc.)

We then recycle everything via dedicated channels. Recycling also involves a circular economy. To give them a second life, we strive to sell old salvaged appliances, offer them to schools or send them abroad.

TechSwap is a well-established company in Belgium and Luxembourg, specializing in IT services IMACD. We offer our national and international clients IT solutions and equipment related services. We are constantly evolving, bringing new IT solutions to many companies every day and expanding the range of our services at the same time.

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