Installation of new hardware and software, including reception, storage, inventory management, staging, scheduling and transportation.

Moving equipment | Diagnosis | Light on site repairs | Repatriation in the workshop | Preventive or on demand software or hardware upgrades | Cleaning devices | Replacement of worn mechanical parts | Supply of consumables.


Moving IT equipment: PCs, printers, copiers, servers, tracks …

Each item to be moved is tagged and packaged. We also have a robot stair for multi-storey buildings without elevators. The equipment is returned to the designated locations for subsequent power-on testing. Process | ancillary services.


This service consists in the addition of parts in a PC, a printer, an MFP or adding accessories to an existing installation configuration.


Also called “swap”, the (ex)change consists in the replacement of equipment by its new equivalent. We also recycle your old equipment. Of course we perform a backup of all your data before any intervention.

Data backup | Logout | Power off | Registration of serial numbers | Packing | Re-shipping.


We work upstream in terms of recycling, thanks to our fully computerised management system that significantly reduces the use of paper. As a result, we recover all the packaging of our installations and sort it by type of raw material (plastic, cardboard, cd, expanded polystyrene, etc.). We then recycle everything via dedicated channels.

Recycling also involves the circular economy. To offer old salvaged appliances a second life, we strive to sell them or offer them to schools or send them abroad.


How do you work with TechSwap?

Our contracts do not provide for a minimum volume, thus you are not constrained by such limitations. We can define together our interventions in a Service Level Agreement (S.L.A.).

How does it work?

1. You indicate, based on our List of Services the on-site missions you wish to entrust to us.

2. We plan and organise the training of our technicians.

3. You choose the equipment on which we are likely to intervene.

4. A detailed process is written down. Every step of this procedure will have to be carried out, for no other can be done. Parts and tools needed for each mission and device are specified.

– You choose the degree of potential urgency.

– You decide if we manage a minimum stock of spare parts and / or equipment or if this stock remains on your premises. You can send us your requests for interventions by phone, fax, e-mail, or online. These commands are fast, simple and unequivocal since the devices, missions and procedures have been previously defined (S.L.A.). All you need is to refer to it, specify the degree of urgency and communicate the client’s name and intervention address.

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